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In the previous update, I mentioned that, well, we will be sending updates to the medium platform every week. Well, as good as it sounds, it was not that practical, and it’s best not to publish a post, just to publish for the sake of it.

So, from now, we’ll…

Starting today, 1st December 2021 every Wednesday we’ll (really me, but we does sound better)do our best to shoot out weekly updates to who is reading, now and in the future.

So what have we been up to? Well, alot, and not much at the same time. Wat?

We’ve been…

Dear Orijin Community,

This post is the first of many as we embark on our journey to launch the fairest permissionless multi-chain launchpad to date.

So why Orijin, and why now?

We’ve built the platform from the ground up to include things, that we, as investors in crypto token projects found was missing, and these things…

Orijin Finance

We're a multi-chain investment platform. We help investors find great crypto projects and help projects raise capital quickly

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