Create an IDO or Token Sale on Matic & Binance Smart Chain for Free #BSC #Matic

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4 min readJan 20, 2022

In this simple guide, we’ll show you how anyone can create a token sale using the Orijin platform! Did we mention it’s also free? (more on that later).

Let’s dive in!

Before we begin, head to:

Step 1: Select the blockchain and associated exchange you wish to list on if you have an Ethereum based token, you should be looking to launch your token on either Uniswap or SushiSwap and the same goes for the other blockchains.

Step 2: Enter your contract address for the token you wish to create a pre-sale for and then continue to select the pre-sale currency you wish to raise funds in. For example, If you select BNB your token will be paired with BNB and all investors will need to participate with BNB.

This is also the same if you select a pre-sale for MATIC/POLYGON and other blockchains we may add in the future blockchain.

Step 3: Set your soft cap and hard cap at this stage take time to think through an achievable and realistic goal, as once this is finalised it cannot be changed.

Step 3: Important! Time to set your trading liquidity percentage in this section you will set how much $ of what you raise will be used for trading liquidity. The best practice is to set trading liquidity at 60% or above.

You’ll also see the ability to lock your liquidity for a specified amount of time, the higher the timeframe, the more investors will be confident to invest in your pre-sale.

Step 4: Enter how many tokens are available for pre-sale. You’ll recognise that there are fewer tokens showing than in your wallet. This is because in the previous step you set your liquidity and your tokens will be paired with the pre-sale currency used as trading liquidity.

Step 6: In this stage, you will be able to set the max limit per investor per wallet. If you do not want whales to accumulate the majority of the supply, it’s best practice to set a low max investment limit.

Step 7: You can now view your pre-sale summary and use the dynamic slider to get an idea of your fundraising results based on what levels that you achieve.

Step 8: Select a payment plan. At Orijin, we’ve made sure our platform is inclusive of established projects and new projects with limited funding. So in this section, you can select which payment plan best suits you and your project goals.

Step 9: Campaign fee summary, in this step we summarise all the fees and number of your tokens required to be in your wallet for us to prepare the token sale. Check and make sure everything is correct and then ‘Approve’ and confirm in your wallet. At this stage, the pre-sale fee (if applicable) will be required along with your pre-sale tokens. All pre-sale tokens are sent to a secure smart contract and distributed after the pre-sale concludes.

Step 10: Congrats! Your pre-sale has been created — now you can use the fields below to complete and fill in your campaign project details such as socials, website, description and more.



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