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1 min readNov 2, 2021


Dear Orijin Community,

This post is the first of many as we embark on our journey to launch the fairest permissionless multi-chain launchpad to date.

So why Orijin, and why now?

We’ve built the platform from the ground up to include things, that we, as investors in crypto token projects found was missing, and these things included:

  • Slick and easy to use UI and UX experience for new and experienced investors and project owners
  • Free and paid listing options to even the playing field
  • Multi-chain access so investors can invest in projects across a spectrum of blockchains
  • Integrated KYC and Audit capability to allow project owners to take extra steps to secure investor confidence
  • Easily view if a project has been audited and if they have been KYC’d. Investing smarter has never been easier.
  • 1,2,3 simple investing: Connect your wallet, enter an amount you wish to invest and you be able to view how many project tokens you’ll recieve.

and much more which you can view here

We look forward to growing with you and learning, adjusting and improving.

Welcome to Orijin


IG & Team Orijin






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