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Orijin Weekly Updates — #1

Starting today, 1st December 2021 every Wednesday we’ll (really me, but we does sound better)do our best to shoot out weekly updates to who is reading, now and in the future.

So what have we been up to? Well, alot, and not much at the same time. Wat?

We’ve been working on major platform bugs our beta testers discovered and they’re, well, not as straightforward to fix as we had initially anticipated, so we are busy grinding away to make sure it’s fixed, permanently.

Investing Section

Great progress has been made for ‘Investors’ the UI is beautiful, clean and the UX is simply flawless and easy to use. Personally, it’s my favorite investing experience so far in the Web3 world.

Raise Section

We’re not sure if this is the best name for it, but we’ll roll with the punches until we receive feedback telling us to change it. This section is where project owners come to raise capital.

Once again, flawless UX, in just 11 simple steps we guide project owners to plan, build and launch their very own token sale & IDO.

Releases & Bugs:

Here’s a few things worked on and pushed this week to our Beta users to get their teeth into.



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