Orijin Finance

In the previous update, I mentioned that, well, we will be sending updates to the medium platform every week. Well, as good as it sounds, it was not that practical, and it’s best not to publish a post, just to publish for the sake of it.

So, from now, we’ll publish when we have something notable to share!

Progress Each Day, Makes the Bugs Go Away

In the last update, I shared the progress we have made across both the Investor sections and the Raise section of the platform.

We have pretty much (99.9%) completed development on the smart contract end of things, tidied up the UI some more, tested the UX to make it super easy to start a new fundraise and to invest in projects, and much more.

Soft Launches FTW

I’m pleased to announce that this week W/C 10th Jan 2022 we will have a soft launch of the Orijin platform for public use!

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